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 Julio Andó - Aboutus 
Julio Andó

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Julio Andó & Cia Ltda was founded in 1969 in the city of Maringá, northern Paraná-Brazil. Started initially as a small bike parts shop that quickly developed and started selling wholesale, this way gaining the trust of customers and manufacturers.

In the 90?s with the arrival of Mountain Bike in Brazil, the bicycle market developed and became more sophisticated and demanding. Concerning this demand for new components manufactured overseas, Julio Andó turned to imports in order to supply its customers with quality and availability of products in larger quantities. Then as a result, an impressive market feedback vigorously boosted our sales and strengthened the company as a nationwide distributor for bicycles and its parts.

Aiming to improve logistics and reduce costs, in the mid-2000s Julio Andó opened a distribution center in the city of Curitiba-PR to provide greater benefits to our customers by delivering products with the same proven quality, but now with faster delivery and lower costs.

Nowadays, we see more people respecting pedestrians, prioritizing public transportations, and using bicycles as mean of transport. The bicycle is a nature-friendly vehicle, it is sustainable and contributes to the good health of the rider.

We, from Julio Andó, truly believe that we can make the difference for a better world by giving the opportunity for all Brazilian citizens to reach for major brands of bicycles, parts and accessories at affordable prices.

We, from Julio Andó, want to give people the opportunity to own a bicycle and feel satisfied and happy with it.

William Andó


To develop imported products from worldwide suppliers and provide our clients an ascending growth of business, enabling each Brazilian individual to own a bicycle.


Make people healthier in a less polluted world.


- Honesty

- Assertiveness

- Sustainability

- Transparency

- Respect and Value of Life